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How Bankruptcy Saved My Family And How It May Save Yours - by Shawn A. DeVries

Are You Facing The Biggest Challenge Of Bankruptcy? We Can Help You Deal With This Daunting Financial Debacle And Shape Your Future Finances.

If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, the DeVries Law Firm is just a phone call away. Our expert team of bankruptcy professionals comes with extensive experience in financial laws. We guarantee to provide the most comprehensive and dedicated counsel on bankruptcy matters.

Our core value is to emphasize all our clients’ individual needs and give you an undivided and tireless representation you deserve. At The DeVries Law Firm, you will find yourself in capable hands and receive the best personal and legal care.

We Deal With Bankruptcies Of All Sizes And Complications

Bankruptcy is one of our firm’s core areas of expertise and practice. We can assist you in understanding the pros of filing for bankruptcy.

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Our bankruptcy attorneys are well-versed in the technical law that is the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. You will be guided every step of the way through a very confusing and stressful process.
01. Call Us To Schedule A Free Consultation

You can call us over the phone, in-person, or video call for a preliminary review of your case and estimate the fee and several payment options.

02. Uploading Your Documents

Simply upload the relevant documents by emailing them to us, and we will file the petition for bankruptcy on your behalf. However, in case of emergency, we will act in a matter of mere hours.

03. Reviewing Your Petition

In the final step, you will go through your petition and sign it electronically.Once we received your signed petition, we will proceed to file your case online with the court.

Other Practice Areas For Bankruptcy

Are you homeowners who have fallen behind on your mortgage?

Fortunately, the State of Florida has the law for judicial foreclosure, which means you can now have the notice of foreclosure action. We can help you modify the loan, reinstate it or even file for bankruptcy in order to remain in your home.

Defending Your Against HOA Foreclosure

In case you are facing foreclosure by the Homeowner Association, we can help fight your case due to falling behind on payments. Our foreclosure defense attorneys at The DeVries are familiar with every aspect of the foreclosure proceedings in the state of Florida.

We will present you with every possible option applicable in your case so that you can keep your home sweet home.

We Are Your Defense Against Debt Harassment & Eviction Notices

In case you owe money to the credit card company and missed payments, we can help you take that too.

We rely on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by the Congress & Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act by Florida Legislature. Both these acts will help us protect you against unethical collection methods such as

  • Threatening collection letters
  • Repetitive collection and harassment calls etc.

Our attorneys will help recognize and prioritize your most stressful debts. The next step would be to start the process to fight against illegal stressors, i.e., unethical collection methods.

Facing Eviction?

Let us help you keep your home in case you cannot meet your financial obligations towards your mortgage payments. Not only that, but the Florida law also protects all the tenants and gives them a fair chance to fight their eviction notices by the landlords.
In case you have been served an eviction notice with a three-day deadline, feel free to contact our seasoned attorneys to determine your tenants’ rights.

There may come a time in your life when you experience an emergency that prevents you from paying all of your bills on time, including your rent, just as a person buying a home may have trouble paying his mortgage at times. Florida law presents tenants with limited rights to fight eviction; the law swings in favor of the landlord in many cases, as long as he follows the law.

When you are served with a three-day notice for eviction, contact an experienced landlord-tenant attorney immediately to determine your rights. The team at The DeVries Law Firm, P.A., recognizes that there may be several different reasons to fight the eviction, and we are well-versed in resolving these cases amicably within a short period of time, often keeping you in your home and your landlord happy.

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“Shawn Anthony DeVries provided me with clear and accurate guidance and completed promptly and effectively the legal service I requested from his office.”

Elisa V.

“Shawn did a great job with getting my paper work done in a timely manner. He is polite and will answer all your questions and will give you great guidance. Thank you.”

Genevieve H.

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Shawn DeVries really cares about his clients and will go above and beyond for them.”

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